'For Heaven’s Stake is a radical new idea bringing together ethical farmers whose animals are reared sustainably with customers who want the highest quality produce which they can trust comes from sources which share their principles. You can buy meat on our crowd funding platform 'the auction'.

If you become a member we will let you know when a new 'lot' goes live and explain why it is so different to other meats.'

How Does It Work?

Farm Produce
Think of us as ‘ethical livestock brokers’

You buy a share or ‘stake’ of an allocated animal, and all ‘stake’s’ have to sell for the sale to proceed.

We broker the ‘cow share’, ‘sheep share’ or ‘deer share’ to enable you to buy directly from the UK’s best farmers, stalkers and fishermen with a level of traceability and accountability that is unsurpassed. It is a fair, social, mindful, empowering buying experience.

Visit the ‘Auction to see what animals are being sold.

caroline watson

Our Campaign


We are campaigners for the highest standards in farming and meat production.
Our producers are all very different but they share certain qualifying qualities, they are all ethical, environmentally sustainable, the animals are treated with respect and kindness, the producers are passionate and forward thinking and the meat, game and fish they produce is the most delicious, nutritious or sustainable of its kind.

Our site is a hub of information about our ideals. We hope to inspire you to spread the word.

Click here if you want to know more.


We are totally COMMITTED to building lasting relationships with farmers and producers who are PASSIONATE about sustainability, the environment, their animals welfare and the nutritional quality of the food they grow.

We only work with real people who really care.

Caroline and Stephen

coming soon in the auction

Wild venison from Sutherland

Wild Scottish Venison from Strathmore Estate in Sutherland the far North of the Scottish Highlands. John will be stalking Red Deer to order exclusively for our Members.

Strathmore Estate Deer Stalking

Shellfish from Lochinver

Sustainable Lobster, Crab and Prawns from a small fishing boat near Lochinver. Father Julian and Son Adam will be catching to order exclusively for our Members.

Sustainable Lobster

live now in the ‘auction’

Organically reared 100% grass fed Hereford beef from Simon at Model Farm in Herefordshire. This beef is exceptionally tasty and reared without any grains or medical intervention.

Hereford Beef Animals

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